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2023 Appalachian Fair

August 21-26, 2023

Entry deadline: August 1st

NEW ADDITION:  The TN Association of Fairs, in cooperation with the TN Society of the Sons of the American Revolution are sponsoring an America 250th Anniversary Essay Contest for all 4th & 5th graders.


The topic of this year's contest will be 'The Boston Tea Party: The impact on our nation's fight for freedom and the lasting effect it had on the British'.  Each essay is limited to no more than 500 words.


For more information refer to Department 190 of the Youth Catalog.

Youth Departments:

4-H - Department 110                        FFA - Department 140

FCCLA - Department 160                 CTE - Department 170

FFA Edit

2022 Youth Exhibit Winners:

     2022 4-H Special Participation Award Winner & Runners-Up:

1st - Carabeth Chrisawn

2nd - Rachel Niebruegge

3rd - Maggie Malone

4th - Sarah Gilford

5th - Maggie Ann Snapp

    2022 'C.Michael Watson Memorial Premium Award Winners:

1st PLACE:   Unaka High School - CTE - Custom Paint Project

2nd PLACE:  David Crockett High School – FCCLA – Quilt

3rd PLACE:   North Greene High School - FFA - Welding, Mini Backhoe

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