Farm & Home Departments include:

  • Department 310: Animal Products

  • Department 320: Field Crops

  • Department 325: Horticulture

  • Department 330: Flowers & Houseplants

  • Department 340: Canning

  • Department 345: Culinary Arts

  • Department 350: Fine Arts

  • Department 352: Poetry

  • Department 355: Photography

  • Department 360: Recycling

  • Department 370: Hobbies, Crafts, & Collectibles

  • Department 380: Textiles & Needlework

New to Culinary Arts this year - Check out our 'Pick Tennessee Products' Class.  All entries in this class will feature dishes that have been locally sourced.

We hope you like the new look and changes in our catalog this year.  Looking forward to seeing all of the entries!

All Farm & Home Entries should be preregistered by August 7th, 2021.  Entries may be submitted online or the Entry Form may be emailed to:;

faxed to: 423.477.3853;

or mailed to: Appalachian Fair, PO Box 8218,

Gray, TN  37615.

Be sure to select the correct Class and Lot for each entry.  If you have questions, please call: 423.477.3211.

2019 Department Winners:

     Exhibitor of the Year: Eric Southerland

     Runner-Up: Megan Southerland

     Artisan of the Year: Grace Bryant

     Pioneer of the Year: Eric Southerland

     Claudine Dixon Award Winner: Mary Grace Wooten


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