James H Drew Midway

Drew Entertainment will return for the 96th Year of the Appalachian Fair ~ featuring nightly Ride Specials!


New ride!!! Jekyll & Hyde!!


Aerial view from 2021

2022 Season Ride Specials

Monday, August 22nd ~ Unlimited Rides for $20

Tuesday, August 23rd ~ Unlimited Rides for $20

Wednesday, August 24th ~ Unlimited Rides for $20

Thursday, August 25th ~ Unlimited Rides for $20

Friday, August 26th ~ Unlimited Rides for $25

Saturday, August 27th ~ FREE Rides from 10am-11am

                                then enjoy ~ Unlimited Rides for $30

**Unlimited Ride Hand-stamps MUST BE purchased from the Midway Ticket Booths on that day.  They cannot be purchased in advance.**


Ride Coupons cost $1.25 per coupon.  All Rides require more than one(1) coupon each.

Bundle Pricing:

120 Coupons for $100

55 Coupons for $50

21 Coupons for $20

Pre-sale will be 21 Coupons for $12