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AUGUST 26, 2022 @ 7PM


AUGUST 27, 2022 @ 7PM





2021 Division I Winners

2021 Winners
Division I:
1st Place: Parker Black
2nd Place: Colin McClintic
3rd Place: Baleigh McKeehan

Division II:
1st Place: Drew Black
2nd Place: Isaac Thomas
3rd Place: Hannah Pope


Contest Rules

  1. Age limits are: Division I - Ages 6 through 17, inclusive as of August 22, 2022; Division II - Ages 18 and up, inclusive as of August 22, 2022

  2. This contest is not open to professionals.  Professional is defined as anyone who is a union member, has a professional manager, or whose principle supporting income is derived from performing (1/2 of his/her normal living expenses).

  3. Entries will be accepted in the following categories:  Vocal Solo, Vocal Group, Instrumental Solo, Variety - Solo or Group** (juggling, magic, baton twirler, etc.) (**A Variety Group may consist of no more than four [4] participants). If vocal group, instrumental group, or variety group all participants must qualify to be in the same age division.  Dance groups may also enter the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CONTEST to be held on the Museum Stage on Wednesday, August 24th.

  4. No fire will be allowed on the stage during this competition.  No dangerous or life-threatening acts allowed.

  5. IMPORTANT - Music for accompaniment must be of the highest quality.  A back-up CD/Digital Recording should be provided.  Background vocals or karaoke accompaniments will not be allowed on any soundtracks.

  6. Any act may drop a member as listed on the entry form, but MAY NOT ADD OR REPLACE any member listed on the original entry form.

  7. All contestants will use only the lighting system that is provided by the Appalachian Fair.

  8. All contestants will use only the sound system and sound operator that is provided by the Appalachian Fair.

  9. It is recommended that an act should not run more than 4 (four) minutes and under no circumstances should an act run more than 5 (five) minutes. Any act exceeding 5 (five) minutes WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. An official timer will be present at the audition and during the fair contest.

  10. NO teacher or parent will be allowed on the stage during the contest unless as a musical accompaniment.

  11. Only 1 (one) person, other than those visible on stage, will be allowed backstage with each act. This includes all parents and teachers.

  12. Contestant's eligibility will be left to the discretion of the contest committee. Their decision is final.

  13. This contest is NOT affiliated with America's Got Talent.

  14. Each Contestant/Group consents to the use of pictures and/or audio to be used in conjunction with promotion of this event.

  15. Each Contestant/Participant, their teachers and families waive any and all claims for personal injury or property damage known or unknown, of whatever form or nature, which they may have against the Appalachian Fair, any named Sponsor, or Representative(s) of the above, which may arise from their participation in this contest.


Prize Money Each Division:

1st Place - $500

2nd Place - $250

3rd Place - $100

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