Commercial Vendor Space Rentals

Inside booths are approximately 10’ x 12’.  If more space is needed, some areas will accommodate a double booth, which would make the space 10’ x 24’, etc.  One 110 electric outlet included with each booth space.


Building 1 is our only air-conditioned building.  All exhibit booths are divided with silver grey display curtains, 8’ high in the back and 3’ high on each side.  All exhibits need to be free standing and should not be constructed in a way that would obstruct other displays. Exhibits cannot project into the aisle.


Cost:  Promotion - $750

          Direct Sales - $850

          End Booth - $50 additional fee


Buildings 3 is a non-air-conditioned building.  Booths numbered 1-24 are permanent with walls 8’ high on three sides and a front open to the public.  Exhibitors may paint and/or decorate the walls in these booths with prior approval of the fair management.


Booths numbered 25-46 are divided with a 3’ display curtain on each side.  The back wall may be utilized for your display however, no painting or permanent display will be permitted.  Exhibit may not obstruct other displays.


Cost:  Promotion - $450

           Direct Sales - $550

           End Booth - $50 additional fee


The fair is open each day, Monday through Friday at 3pm and 10am on Saturday.  The buildings close each evening at 10pm.


Exhibit buildings will be closed and locked each night. Each exhibitor is responsible for the set-up and display of their exhibit.  Solicitation and distribution of materials must be from within the rented space.


Non-air-conditioned booths will be made available to vendors for set up after the first of August.  The air-conditioned exhibit hall will be available the week before the fair.


Booths are not to be dismantled before 10:30pm on the closing night of the fair.  However, all booths must be dismantled by 5pm on the Monday following the close of the fair.


Outside  Exhibit Space - Outside space is sold at $25 a lineal foot, with a minimum of $400 per space.  The minimum space would be approximately a 10’ x 12’ area.  All spaces have at least a 10’ depth.  In some locations there is more depth available.  Exhibitors will need to provide their own tent, tables or whatever is needed for their display.


Tickets - ADMISSION – Each exhibitor will receive three (3) exhibitor tickets good for one admission daily for each booth purchased.  If additional tickets are needed, up to two additional exhibitor tickets may be purchased at a cost of $25 each.  An option to purchase one day - one trip tickets is available for exhibitors that need them.  The Ticket Office will be able to assist you with your ticket needs any time after August 1st, to allow you to accommodate your workers.


PARKING – Each exhibitor will receive three (3) full week parking passes will be issued for each booth.  Exhibitor parking is located outside the grounds in either Lot 5 or Lot 3, depending on where your exhibit booth is located. No vehicles are permitted on the grounds once the fair opens each day.  If you need to restock large items that are too heavy to carry, you will need to complete this before opening time. Additional full week parking passes will be available for $10 each in the Ticket Office.


Security personnel will be patrolling the grounds however, exhibitors are responsible for their space and the contents thereof.  We appreciate all of our fine exhibitors and we  will strive to provide the very best possible protection available.